Sell Themes

Want to sell your themes on the Start Bootstrap Shop?

We are currently not taking on any new vendors, this may change at some point, but for now we won’t be accepting any new products to the store from new vendors.

How we select vendors

Becoming an approved vendor is not guaranteed. We check your application and body of work to make sure it is high quality in both code and design. If your work demonstrates overall code quality, originality in design, and attention to detail, then you may be selected as a vendor. The Start Bootstrap Shop is dedicated to keeping the items on the store high quality so customers are getting great products without errors or an extensive need for troubleshooting and support.

How we price items

At the moment, the Start Bootstrap Shop manages the price of items on our store. Generally, we set prices based on the quality and size of the theme. Themes with more features, like admin themes, may be priced higher than portfolio themes or landing pages.