Sell Themes

Want to sell your themes on the Start Bootstrap Shop?

The Start Bootstrap Shop is looking for talented designers and developers to join our network of theme authors. If you’re interested in selling your work on our store, please contact us with some examples of Bootstrap themes you’ve developed – ideally work that you are already selling on other theme stores. We are offering a limited time, introductory commission rate of 75% for our first group of sellers to join the marketplace as exclusive theme authors! Please send us a proposal of what you would like to sell on the Start Bootstrap Shop to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

How we price items:

At the moment, the Start Bootstrap Shop manages the price of items on our store. Generally, we set prices based on the quality and size of the theme. Themes with more features, like admin themes, may be priced higher than portfolio themes or landing pages.